iOS NAT Traversal

iOS NAT Traversal

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NAT Traversal for iPhone and iPad

AnyFirewall Engine for iOS

The award winning Eyeball AnyFirewall™ Engine is the industry's leading NAT traversal Software Development Kit (SDK) for guaranteed traversal of IP communications through NATs, firewalls and web-proxies and is now available for iOS and OSx. AFE incorporates the most comprehensive implementation of the IETF standards STUN, TURN and ICE.

bullet 100% Firewall and NAT traversal for signalling and media
bullet More than 95% of session use peer-to-peer data transport in UDP-enabled networks
bullet Traverse simple NATs, nested NATs, UPnP gateways, firewalls, and web-proxies
bullet Applications such as VoIP, instant messaging, video conferencing, file-sharing, online collaboration and networked games
bullet Simple API for rapid application development and integration with 3rd party libraries such as SIP/JINGLE stack or RTP library
bullet Available in multiple platforms including Windows, OS X, Linux and embedded Linux

iPhone Firewall Traversal

Hundreds of VoIP service providers, application developers, and device makers have used AFE to deliver instant, seamless, and guaranteed call completion while benefiting from peer-to-peer media delivery, low latency, and carrier-grade scalability. Embedded firewall and NAT Traversal for iOS and OSx.

Everything You Need to Get Started

Eyeball AnyFirewall Engine provides a rich and flexible application programming interface (API) to enable seamless NAT and firewall traversal for your iPhone applications. The package includes the source code for a VoIP application demonstrating integration with a SIP stack and audio engine. The product includes everything you need for rapid integration with your application:

bullet C/C++ library providing flexible API
bullet Sample client applications illustrating how to use the Engine for VoIP applications using third-party SIP stack
and RTP library
bullet Developer reference documentation
bullet Technical support for integration and customization
bullet Access to Eyeball AnyFirewall Server - a carrier-grade STUN and TURN server


RCS iPhone Features

iPhone Enhanced Phonebook

  • Hyper-Available status: Do Not Disturb, Busy etc…
  • Custom available/away status
  • Avatars/portrait icon to represent self
    or others
  • Service capability exchange
  • Favorite link/URL Label

iPhone Enriched Calls

  • Video Cal
  • Video Share
  • Image Share
  • Share Image with Network Based
    Adaption Service
  • File Transfer

iPhone Enhanced Messaging

  • Enhanced SMS/MMS with Conversational View
  • One-to-one and group chat
  • One-to-One Chat with Network Based
    Adaptation Services
  • Multiple language character sets(Unicode support)
  • Messaging archival
  • Send smileys, winks, sounds and buzzers
  • Picture & video share during session
  • Offline text messaging

iPhone IM Federation

  • Sign-in to AOL, Google Talk, MSN,
    Yahoo! and social networking accounts
  • View federated IM buddy lists and
    presence of buddies
  • Text chat including text formatting

iPhone NAT TRaversal